She doesn’t have a lot of attitude. She was going about her business,

and she was within her rights to be where she was.  She wasn’t trying

to lead.

She simply said, ‘Enough.  Here I stand.’

I think people need to know that.

      -Nikki GiovanniDD

I had every intention to consistently write on my blog at least once a week and then life happened, again… LOL… one would think that’s when I’d write the most but it was the exact opposite. I just didn’t want to be fucking bothered…LOL… didn’t really feel like LETTING it ALL out, if you know what I mean. One thing I can say is that the past three months have been anything but slow or boring and more like on the run, on the move, and going, going, and gone again, get it?! I’ve been fucking busy…LOL

Busy doing what, I have no fucking idea but the hours, minutes, days keep going.  A friend and I were just talking about how we can’t believe it’s already August.  We are already eight months into to the year… OMG… there are only 4 months left in 2017 and we all know what that means… my least favorite and most expensive holiday is on the way: Christmas…LOL…

I guess I can say that I’ve been trying to put on my big girl pants and stop fighting this life and finally accept this life that is mine…  I guess for me that means; I’m not marrying Drake, I guess I missed my shot at basketball wives, and I’m not going to get “discovered” walking down 5th Avenue…LMAO…  this is me accepting my life which is reality, which is not that bad. Now, all is not lost because it doesn’t mean that I won’t have everything I want out of this life; just not the way I pictured it… Because these chicks are out here transforming their lives one b-list television show at a time…WTF…LOL… and I’m not mad they out here winning… I just wish someone would’ve told me this wave of celebrity was coming…

I might’ve moved a little differently back in the day 😊

So, here I am… a young black (well I still think I’m young), smart, and educated woman and I’m out here doing it the other way; the not so glamorous way…LOL… Working a 9 to 5, going to school, and just flat out grinding at times.  But they say THIS life builds character… no THIS life creates survivors.  Trying to climb the “ladder” is a lot of fucking work but since I like what I do, it’s not that bad. But what makes it hard is when you get someone like myself, not kissing asses and guess what, I’m staying me.

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to write again. Yes life had away of showing us how we are libing verses what we think living is. Keep on pushing Love, your time is definitely now!!


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