WAIT, it’s not too LATE to GIVE TEXAS BACK…

TX Gov

We are on day whatever the hell it is in Donald Trump’s presidency.  Can’t tell you exactly how many days he’s been there but it hasn’t been 365 not even close even though it feels so much longer…LOL… I watch and listen to this debacle unfold; starting from the West Wing, to Congress, and all the way to the Supreme Court… Just a hot ass MESS! Every time I turn on the news they’re always fucking arguing about this going nuclear on that…WTF… Don’t these people ever work??? LOL… If I spent as much time bickering with my coworkers that the opposing parties of Congress does, two words: YOU’RE FIRED.  We’d all be fired so damn quick because we are replaceable to them and they make sure that we know it.  Maybe we need to let Congress know that their asses are replaceable too and maybe then their asses will get some “act right…?” Then you got the President who spends more weekends in Florida than he does at the White House; it’s so bad that they’ve even normalized the joke that Mar-a-Lago is now the “Winter White House…”

Meanwhile, ain’t shit getting accomplished nothing that they promised their constituents that they would do! The part that is most disturbing with all of this, is that we have a group of elected representatives who are supposed to be representing us.  Sitting on Capitol Hill trying to convince themselves that un-insuring millions of Americans, that this is in the best interest of the people! LMAO… They are literally sitting there trying come up with a plan to strip you of your healthcare.

All the while they won’t lose any health coverage. If health care is not a right then why is it that every member of Congress is entitled to it; for free at that. Aren’t we the people entitled to the same level of care as our Congressmen? And the way this country is set up right now, these assholes probably get to keep their healthcare for life especially since we are the one’s  paying for it, maybe they get it as a perk for doing such a great disservice to its constituents…LOL…this shit is so sad that people voted to get rid of  Obama care which is the very thing that gave majority access to healthcare.  Not knowing that the insurance that they had was actually Obama Care just called something else locally.

And these are Christians…that plans to cut millions of Americans off of healthcare.  These are the same people who stand behind the “Bible” and their religion as a means to try to camouflage the ugliness that they do.  These “Christians” are sitting there trying to make logical arguments about an irrational thing; whether people have a right to healthcare??! Of course we have fuckin right to be healthy especially being that we live in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet… Amazingly, this is even a question in 2017…LOL… Now, the government claims it doesn’t have the right to make sure you have health insurance but they have the right to drag us into wars.  Why do they have that right?

I think that Congress has too many rights; they get to blow shit up when they feel threatened, they authorizing the building of shit no one wants; like this dumb ass wall he keeps promising these red necks he’s going to build…LOL

But wait…, I have a suggestion… for all those people in Texas who think we need a wall to keep all the “bad hombres” out… How about y’all move out of Texas. No better yet stay. So we give Texas back we can also rid this country of a nice majority get rid of all the simple minded,  bible toting racist.  I propose we give Texas back to its rightful owner:  Mexico. Then the Mexicans wouldn’t be border crossing illegals but just simply people going home…LOL…I’m just sayin…

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