The One HE cheats WITH…


At some point in a lot of women’s lives they have been someone’s side chick, mistress, other woman, jump, whatever… whether you know it or not. Nobody wakes up and says when I grow up I want to be a side chick…LOL… little girls talk about getting married. I do believe that when a person finds themselves cheating on someone that in most cases they never truly intended for their partner to get hurt; sometimes in life certain things do just happen. You meet someone not ever thinking anything of it. You start conversing with each other. You suddenly realize that your attracted to this person and you wouldn’t mind seeing him again.  Then it happens, you exchange numbers with intentions on maybe seeing him one day but no time soon. He calls the next week. Suddenly you find yourself creeping off every weekend and so it begins.

I do think that there is a certain kind of comfort when you are the other woman.  While she’s up wondering y’all laying in the bed sleeping. Or maybe he tells you he’s out “taking” care of business or “making some runs” but he’s more than likely coming to see me. So, however it goes we are together. The other woman does all the things he likes and will do all the things the girlfriend/wife won’t.  Whether it’s cooking dinner for him or something as simple as fixing his plate, it’s some of those little things that a lot of “girlfriends” take for granted. Maybe a back rub or a foot massage, whatever, remember… sometimes it’s the little things or simply just catering to him.

The one that you cheat with, in the beginning that relationship is great! The dinners, the movies, the clothes, the fun, just everything. He always wants to be around you because to him you become his escape. Being that we’re not a real couple which in turn means that he doesn’t have to deal with all the pressures of a real relationship brings when he sees you. We’re not discussing the fact that rents due, don’t forget to pay the parking tickets before the boot my car…LOL… just every day stressful real life shit. I am free of all that. When he comes over we talk about him and how he feels and how was his day… He is the priority in my day. And not to say that he’s not a priority for you but maybe you have small children and he just can’t come before your child which is the way it should be. So really, he’s second and over here he’s in first place.

What ends up happening is that I fall for him and I fall hard.  And that’s when you realize that maybe you’re tired of being the side chick; now Houston we have a problem….” LOL…Now I want you to leave her… now that was never part of the deal and yes, I knew what it was but can someone try to explain that to my heart…LOL…Listen, what starts off as fun can turn into a whirlwind relationship full of ups and downs and everything else in between. I left him so many times that it became just something that I would do but no matter how extreme it got he always came back.  I knew what we had was real and genuine but it was totally complicated. Listen, whatever you may think about the “other woman” is that she was more than likely in your shoes once before, so believe me she completely understands. But he is everything you’ve ever wanted in a man but that’s probably because you don’t live with his ass…LOL…

Nonetheless, you still want him and now everything that wasn’t a problem before is now a problem. Like shit you know you ain’t entitled too and shit start coming out your mouth like; how you gonna leave me alone on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day when you know damn well that ain’t your day…LOL… maybe the day before or the day after but not February 14th…LMAO …The hurt and pain of being excluded is a lot and can be unbearable at times. Just knowing that the man you love is over there playing happy family with her; ready to just vomit at the very thought… But then since he really loves me too he does all he can to make it up to me. So, what does he do… he shows up at my door at 11pm just to complete his family day so that I don’t feel too left out… So kind of him… he shouldn’t have but no really he shouldn’t have…. LMAO…. if you were trying to make me feel special, you failed! So nice to see you especially now that the day is over…LOL…fucking unbelievable…smdh…

But the two of you get pass that. Maybe another month or so go’s by until he has to go away for the weekend, again. Then the silly cycle starts again, I break up with you, you tell me to do what I got to do, a few weeks go by, you apologize, and I take you back; until one day I don’t. When I get to the point where I feel happier without than with you and you refuse to make a decision either way. Trust me, no real woman wants to play second to the next bitch forever… it’s cool for a minute and that’s about it. Majority of the men never leave their wives or girlfriends for the side-chick but then you have some that do. But either way it usually comes down to the side-chick calling it quits because she wants more. So which one would I rather be, the one he cheats on or the one he cheats with?

I’d rather be neither to be honest because they both fuckin hurt! Neither feels good. I want what all women want, him to be loyal and faithful to me but I’ll take loyal.  Meaning that when it comes down to it, you don’t ever put her before me, she’s not allowed to know our business, and she is to know and respect and play her position….So I guess you can say that I’ve found my happy median with infidelity in relationships.  For me, I’m not interested in if he cheats, for me it’s this simple; don’t let me find out! I should never feel interruptions in my life. There is a time and a place for everything and everyone so please just make sure that the bitch ain’t never on mine…LOL…So what does that make me, I guess that makes me the one that likes being cheated on but just doesn’t know…? LOL… I’m done…LOL…

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