Would YOU rather be the one he CHEATS on OR the ONE he CHEATS with?

A friend once asked me this question… I can honestly say that up until that point I’d never even thought about it; like who has time to think about that shit? I just assumed all women including myself want to either be the wife, wifey, the main chick, the numero UNO! So, I guess that means I like being the one he cheats on?? LOL… But apparently, my friend had put some thought into it and was about to break it down…LOL… and I’m sure that she’s not the first nor the only person to share this logic and/or view about the whole cheating thing.  But she was the first person to bring it to me. So, what starts off looking like this…LOL

Happy couple ends up looking like this unhappy couple

When you are the wife or girlfriend you get benefits like family time, holidays, and knowing that you are the one that he comes home to… But what happens when he stops coming home at night… then that leaves you with family time and holidays. He starts coming home a little late, then the little late gets fucking, and later until he finally gets to the point where he’s coming in when you’re getting up for work… And that, ladies and gents is when that man has lost his mutha fuckin mind…LOL…

So, then what do we do ladies? We start trying to fix ourselves, change ourselves like we are the problem?? Like going to the gym…lol… trying to do what you know you should’ve never stopped doing but you did, so now you back at… So, you lose the weight, you change your hair, and still nothing works…He’s still coming in late or sometimes not at all. Which went from him not coming home sometimes once a week, to three and four times a week. And yes, coming home at 5am is fucking not coming home too!

So not only is he rolling a fucking tractor over my heart; now he fuckin with my sleep.  Because when you’ve been used to sleeping next to someone for so long so many years without serious interruption, it’s hard to suddenly start sleeping alone. You freakin end up mostly tossing and turning all night… and when you finally get to sleep… anything will wake you up even a roach running across the floor… when your man ain’t home…LOL…But for a lot of us women, for a moment in time, for one moment in our lives we make the decision to accept it.  We console ourselves in the fact that he comes home to us, that I know his family, and I get the holidays…LOL… But trust me… you not gettin all holidays…so how is it being the one he cheats with…


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