Love Black Love…

black couple

I often wonder why the same shit keeps happening to me when it comes to love but I guess it’s because I keep doing the same old shit…LOL… so how can I think that I will ever get a different result, a better result. I like to think it’s because I’m patient and that one day he will come around. Or…maybe, it’s that I’m delusional and just simply see what I want to see. But what I think it is, is black love. Black love I suspect is just a little different than white love.

Black love gets real crazy at times. It can also make you do some strange shit…LOL… Make you do just some out right crazy ass shit. Like chasing his ass down the street, bare feet. Or blowing up his phone with 100 calls, or like pouring paint on you because you lookin like you don’t understand why I’m mad or what you did was nothing. So, then that just causes you to do, crazy dumb shit…LOL…The key ingredient in Black Love, is loyalty.

Now, I know that loyalty is important in all relationships but black love requires you to be ride or die, stick out through almost anything, have you doing things you can’t believe you’re doing, making runs, and bustin moves… Yeah all of that.  And as crazy as it sounds this loyalty requirement isn’t just for the wife or girlfriend but is also expected of the side chick, the mistress, and anything else in between…LOL…So freaking crazy but most black people know that this is true.  Everyone plays a part nowadays. Now, just because I said that it’s expected doesn’t mean that it is widely accepted…LOL…These Men have a way of taking you there…because they will certainly try to have it their way.

But the amazing part of all of this is, that good things can actually come out of this.  It’s just up to a person to decide when they’ve had enough but that’s with all love. And once you’ve made the decision to stay it’s hard to turn around and leave.  Why is leaving so freaking hard?? IDK … I think that there is a certain type of finality to it because it could be this time that he doesn’t come back, then what…LOL… so what do you do? You, stick it out through thick and thin. And once you weather the storm you have a different type of appreciation and respect for one another.Because you both now know and understand the struggle because y’all struggled together.  99% of the time that I’ve known you, you’ve held me down…

Therefore, I’m going to ride with you. I’m going to take this ride because I believe in you. And I know that you’re going to make it and I want to be the one who’s there when you finally do.

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