Shit just got REAL…


We all know that life has it’s ups and downs and that when it rains it pours… I recently quit my job to finish my Bachelor’s degree something that has taken me almost 8 years to get. Between having to stop because of life and all of it’s happenings or boyfriend problems; whatever! I had a plan and it was a damn good one or so I thought. I owed my school some money and before I could go back and finish the three classes I have left. So, I quit my job to take out the little  money that I had in my retirement. Figuring that I still have about 40 years to work so I can put those shorts back in no time; especially since I’m about to have this degree! And just like with most plans; these got fucked up too; Royally.

The week before I was officially unemployed my boyfriend got arrested. The good, he got out the next day but the NYPD decided to seize my vehicle and I had to wait for his first court date before they would even consider it! The car is registered to me and the case is still pending. Then what happens… my very first day of being unemployed I get hit by a car while crossing the street in the Bronx! Thank God I was and still am okay; and of course I let the asshole who hit me go…. Now I feel like a FUCKIN idiot because that could have been a little come up…still mad at especially right now…

The deadline for enrollment was about week out and I still hadn’t received my check so it looked like I was about to miss the semester; I received help from a very unexpected place and I will never forget it. So, they offered to loan me the money and I could pay them back once I got my check so that took care of that. I started school and it’s going. Math is a serious struggle but I’m determined to pass it… I’m not normally one that accepts mediocrity but in this regards… “D’s Get degrees…” I guess….Uggghhhhh….

So, the other part of this plan was to immediately start working somewhere temporarily until I finished this degree this summer.  Because I definitely have to have income. So, what ended up happening was that the day that I resigned the person that I work for asked me if I wanted to come back part-time.  So, of course I agreed because if it actually happened it wouldn’t be a bad deal. The problem with was that my department didn’t have part-time positions so it would have to be created. And with all the bull shit bureaucracy that goes with creating and getting the position approved  can sometimes take FOREVER! Well of course this took forever!

It was only 3 1/2 months but when you got no money coming in and you living of your credit cards shit gets real; REAL FUCKIN QUICK.  Thank God my boyfriend was able to hold it down for the most part but his legal fees but a little damper on things so shit was tight. Not only did it take me 3 1/2 months to go back to work it took equally as long for the NYPD to release my vehicle. In addition I had to pay them $2,000 just to get it back and they make you sign this paper before you get it back that you can’t sue the NYPD if there are any damages done to your vehicle… LOL… I fuckin can’t… What a racket!

Now, where am I supposed to get the money for that on top of everything else! So, the money that I was going to use for the classes I’m currently taking I had to use that to get my car back.  Being that they only give you 10 days from the date I signed their agreement.  So, here I am… I got my car back and now I’m behind on everything and once again graduation will have to wait. See what I mean by life happening! But the good thing is that I’m working and crossing shit off the list. So for t first time in months I’m almost seeing some light at the end of the tunnel because I know that with the two of us bring in a few dollars I will be okay; and then…

I get the call and it’s my boyfriend. He’s” jammed” up again… a.k.a arrested again… WTF is all I can say… so now we wait to see what the system has in store for him tomorrow…


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