California Dreamin… NOT Really

I was about to enter into a point in my life that would take me places unknown and test me in ways that I never imagined. I’m originally from California but was raised in Ohio and in my early 20s my mom decided it was time to go back to California so we moved. I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of leaving Ohio because believe it or not. I was having the best fun of my life, which isn’t really saying much considering I was only 22…LOL… But since my entire family was leaving and I had nothing to really keep me there so I left. When I got to California it was cool and I was even having fun but I was restless. All I would talk about is moving to the East Coast and I was absolutely obsessed with all things New York. The men, the way they talked, the way they dressed, everything!

I had gotten a job at UPS and I was actually making pretty good money for someone my age and of course I spent it as fast as I got it. Poppin tags…BMF (blowin money fast) on bullshit. But there was one thing missing: A MAN! Of course i’d met men and even dated a few; One guy he was super sexy, smelled good, dressed good and I was hella infatuated with, until he tried to recruit me to work for him as high priced call girl…LMAO… Then II started dating my friend’s brother who had just got out of jail, needless to say that was a disaster of EPIC proportions …LOL… Then there was this D.J. that I would have an on and off thing for awhile but he just wouldn’t commit….

So with all my failed attempts at love I was so over California! So all I did day and night was try to figure out how I was going to get my ass to New York. And one day my phone rang and it was my sister telling me that she had someone for me to meet and that he lived in New York City… I couldn’t believe it!

God had finally answered my prayers…or so I thought…

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