Not sure where to start, so, I’ll just start here…

I can arbitrarily pick a year out of my life and assure you that I was probably experiencing a crisis, about to face a crisis, or just avoided another crisis…SMDH…LOL … And I know they say you aren’t supposed to question GOD. But at times I get a little curious and so I try to act like my questions to GOD are really the two of us having a conversation… Like GOD don’t know my intentions and/or motives…LOL… and

“Nevertheless, she persisted… (Mitch McConnell)” got to make sure he gets his credit. So, I persisted, to have my dialect with GOD and it normally sounds like this… “When Lord is it gonna end…” This is my question I ask when I’m experiencing a crisis. “Really Lord,” is when I see the crisis coming and there is nothing I can do about it.  But, just when I finally get to the point where I feel like I’m done, ready to give up, somehow in the end I always find myself saying “Thank you GOD!”

And I could’ve said all of the above in two words: Have FAITH. FAITH is how you weather the storm. FAITH is key to survival.

Soooooo let the CRAZY begin…

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