The Break-up.

“I don’t deserve you.” This is how we broke up. This is how he broke up with me.  I didn’t know if I was supposed to fucking laugh and/or cry…LOL… like, is this a fucking joke?!  You are just now figuring this out? LMAO… I been knew you didn’t deserve me…LOL… that was besides the … More The Break-up.

She doesn’t have a lot of attitude. She was going about her business, and she was within her rights to be where she was.  She wasn’t trying to lead. She simply said, ‘Enough.  Here I stand.’ I think people need to know that.       -Nikki Giovanni I had every intention to consistently write on my … More

Doin A Bid…

Him doin a “Bid” can often feel like you’re doing one with him.  And anyone who has ever dated someone that has been incarcerated knows what I’m talking about; it feels something like this… Day 8, 192 hours, 11,520 minutes, and 691,200 seconds since my boyfriend was arrested and I feel every fucking moment of … More Doin A Bid…

Would YOU rather be the one he CHEATS on OR the ONE he CHEATS with?

A friend once asked me this question… I can honestly say that up until that point I’d never even thought about it; like who has time to think about that shit? I just assumed all women including myself want to either be the wife, wifey, the main chick, the numero UNO! So, I guess that … More Would YOU rather be the one he CHEATS on OR the ONE he CHEATS with?